Celebrating Earth Day: Environmental science teacher works to raise awareness

Sindy Garcia

Sindy Garcia, Staff Writer

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd, and it is a day we learn about ways to protect the environment. 

Earth Day was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin in 1970. For seven years, he prepared for the very first Earth Day celebration where over 20 million people participated. This year on April 22, 2021, Earth Day will mark 51 years of Earth Day.

“I love Earth Day because it’s almost like a holiday to make people more aware of the planet we live on and being thankful for what we’ve been given,” science teacher Amy Reed said. “I just feel like it expresses it more.”

Reed celebrates Earth Day with her Environmental Science and Biology classes every year by going outside and exploring the beauties of nature. 

“This year, we’re just going to go outside, and we’re going to be in nature and we’re just going to appreciate what nature provides and in environmental science, ” Reed said. “We are identifying birds right now. And so that’s what we’re going to do.”

Reed said she takes many actions to try to save the planet. She tries to use less of single-use plastic, reusable water bottles and grocery bags, and she limits her trash. She keeps her thermostat a little bit hotter in the summer so the air conditioner isn’t running all the time and she keeps it a little cooler in the winter so her heater isn’t running all the time. She washes her clothes with cold water, and she tries to eat less meat because of the resources used to produce meat.

“There are actually lots of simple things that people can do,” Reed said. “I feel like they try and make it a lot more difficult than what it needs to be.”

According to Reed, every action students can take helps, even if they are not grand. She said the steps people take do not have to feel world-changing. 

“If everybody would try and do their part, it would make a huge difference,” Reed said. “So just making small changes and making your family aware of small changes that can be made within your home makes a huge difference because it impacts your family. It might impact even your friends or people like neighbors, where it just all kind of has a ripple effect.”