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Senior Emma Werner walking hand in hand with sister, junior Ava, and brother, freshman Dominic.

Dear Ava and Dominic

Written by senior Emma Werner

What a fast four years it has been, and I am so excited to see what you two accomplish in your remaining years at Miege! I will give you one piece of advice: live in the present.
That does not mean slack off on your grades or ignore college admissions, but enjoy the time you have left being a kid.
Stay out late with your friends, go on the retreats, shoot one more shot, scream at the football games, sleep in, and eat the cookie because these are going to be the moments you will be telling my kids and your kids about one day.
Dominic, I am going to miss our post-workout jam sessions, being your personal chauffeur and you tackling me out of nowhere. I cannot wait to see how you improve on the field and court and how you succeed in the classes I picked out for you next year 😉
Ava, I am going to miss our late night talks about nothing, our runs with the dog, laying in each other’s rooms just to watch Tik Toks without speaking and borrowing each other’s clothes.
I have happy nerves just thinking about what you decide to do after Miege I want to say thank you to both of you for always barging into my room to annoy me, making me pay for everything(even though you pay me back), participating in my coffee addiction, making me the shortest of the three of us, and listening to me rant about literally anything.
I want you both to know no matter how far I go, whether that’s Florida or down the street, I will always be your short, big sis.
Love you mucho, Emma

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