The late-night melody: To avoid the bustling noise of everyday life, music is an escape

Christina, Staff Writer

As the night settles down, most go inside every night. In the Arana household during the eerie hours with only the moon shining bright and the streetlights blaring, one person is awake. At 10 p.m. a tune comes from one bedroom — a soothing song sang with a soft voice that resonates throughout the whole house.

After everyone in her household is asleep, freshman Christina Arana pulls out her Macbook and begins to play calming music to let her voice come out. Singing every night has become a usual task for her in the comfort of her bedroom.

“Singing has always been a passion in my heart, and I have incorporated it in my everyday life,” Arana said

Singing at night had not always been something of Arana’s interest; however, singing had always provided a sense of distressing, and it put her in good spirits. It became a routine for her to pick a song and let her voice take over.

“Having the opportunity of being able to sing my heart out has given me a sense of calmness, and it has helped me control any stress or anxiety in my life,” Arana said

Some days when there is an abundance of work Arana will hum or sing to different tunes in order to finish quicker. Arana has incorporated music into her daily life in some way or the other to pass the time.

“Listening to music is something that has always been in my life,” Arana said. “I only have fond memories of music and it is something that I enjoy anytime,” Arana said

Being able to connect with people through music lyrics has fascinated Arana as she knows of the emotional link that music can trigger. Music can always put her in a different mood depending on the song.

“The ability that music has to change your mood really fascinates me and is the reason why I am so intrigued by it,” Arana said

She said it can be a challenge to go out and not have any earbuds to listen to tunes. She has realized the difference life is like without her favorite music to get her through the day.

“It’s impossible for me to not have a tune in my head since it alters my mood so dramatically,” Arana said. “Music gives me a positive outlook on life every day and has been apart of me since before I can remember.”

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