Two weeks by the Sea: Girl returns to state she was born in every year for vacation

Emma G., Staff Writer

When summer finally comes, what sophomore Emma Goulding is most excited about is her annual trip to Washington state. She was born in Washington, where her mom was born, and moved to Kansas, where her dad was born, when she was four-years-old.

“Washington is on my mind a lot, and I count down the days until I can visit one of my two favorite states,” Goulding said. “I love Kansas, but it is nice to visit my family and see the sites of Washington.”

There are many places to visit in Washington, such as the Space Needle, the beach, Pike Place Market, many coffee shops, and much more. Seattle is known as a very rainy city, and that may bother some people, but not Emma Goulding.

“I do not mind when it rains,” she said. “In fact, I love the rain. I prefer it when it rains versus when it is sunny.”

She said that she and her family stay with their cousins for the first week of their trip, who live in Bothell, a suburb that is about 40 minutes from Seattle.

“While we stay with my cousins, we usually go into the city,” Goulding said. “My favorite place to go to during the trip is Pike Place Market. I love going to the different types of stores they have, especially the comic book store and the candy shop.”

Goulding also said that she and her family stay in a condo the second week of their trip. They usually stay in a condo or a cabin in a small town.

“It is fun to get away from everything and only be surrounded by trees,” Goulding said. “While we are staying in a condo or a cabin, I love to ride horses, swim in a lake, and spend time with my family.”

Goulding and her family go every year, and each year they do some of the same things, but also experience new parts of Washington.

“We always go to the beach and Pike Place Market,” Goulding said. “One of my favorite things to do is drive around my favorite neighborhood in Seattle, Queen Anne, and look at the houses.”

Goulding also has plans to return to live in Washington when she is 18. She also wants to go to college there.

“I have wanted to go to the University of Washington for years,” Goulding said. “I got to explore the campus last time I visited Washington, and it was amazing. I will definitely miss Kansas a lot, but I am excited to move to Washington.”