Freshman takes a great interest in baking

Sophia, Staff Writer

The faint smell of chocolate chip cookies wafts through the house, a loud beep breaks the silence in the Monty household. Freshman Sophia Monty rushes to the kitchen to get her cookies out of the oven. 

For Monty, baking has become an easy yet complex task that helps relieve stress and adds some fun to the day. Since 5th grade, Monty has picked up the hobby of baking.

Monty often looks at new recipes to bake, many new recipes always spark her interest.

“There’s always a baked good on our kitchen table,” Ellen Monty, mother of Sophia, said. 

Monty has grown up watching her family members bake all different sorts of baked goods. As soon as Monty started baking, she couldn’t stop, she said. 

“I love to try new recipes and see how my family likes the new dessert,” Monty said. 

Baking helps Monty relax when she is either stressed or bored, and she said she loves using her grandma’s recipes as well. Every time Monty bakes a sweet treat that’s from her grandma’s cookbook she always takes a picture and sends it to her. 

Monty’s favorite cookbook is “Nerdy Nummies” written by Rosana Pansino who also has a Nerdy Nummies youtube channel that shows you how to make all her recipes. Monty also started watching those as soon as she found her interest in baking. 

“Not only do I love to bake by myself, I also love baking with my friends and family members as well,” Monty said.

“Kids Baking Championship” is one of her favorites to watch and learn new hacks and tricks for baking. 

Many weekends, Monty’s friend freshman Emma Lazarczyk will also bake with Monty. When Monty and Lazarczyk are extremely bored they find baking to entertain them, even if the dessert doesn’t turn out that good. 

“Most of the time Emma and I both get distracted while baking and either forget a step from the instructions or an ingredient from the recipe that makes the dessert not taste right, but the fun memories are worth every mistake we make,” Monty said. 

Monty said her favorite thing about baking has been to try new recipes and test tasting them after she has baked them. Her family gives her honest feedback on her treats, and Monty takes the feedback to see what she should back more that her family likes. 

If Monty ever bakes extra sweets she will give some to her neighbors and friends. Holidays are when Monty loves to share her desserts with her neighborhood.

“I always love giving, especially with something sweet,” Monty said. 

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