Freshman finds an outlet in creating Macrame pieces



Freshman Mary-Kathryn Wert incorporates pieces she finds on her walks each day into her Macrame.

Mary-Kathryn, Staff Writer

Scraps of Macrame cord and yarn can often be found on the floor, laying beside wooden sticks and beads. Music often plays in the background of the room, anything from indie to pop.

For the Wert Family, this evening is like any other; pitch black with music playing from a bedroom, and Macrame draped over a banister.

For freshman Mary-Kathryn Wert, Macrame is a way to relieve stress and turn it into something beautiful, whether it be a wall hanging or a plant hanger.

“At first Macrame was stressful because it was so new to me, but now it’s a relief to be able to sit down and relax making a project,” Wert said.

Wert has made Macrame a weekly activity after trying it out in 8th grade. This hobby all started when she heard her mom talking about plant hangers one evening.

“My mom would often talk about how much she wanted one, but at the same time, she didn’t want to pay the overpriced cost,” Wert said. “So I thought, hey, maybe I could make one!”

Her first project was a simple wall hanging, and then a plant hanger after that, and even more from there. Now, she has gone from making plant hangers in two hours to one during her weekly sessions. Her late-night sleeping schedule also helps to fuel her night crafting.

“I’ve always been a night owl, so I try to find something relaxing to do before bed to help me sleep,” Wert said. “Macrame happened to be it.”

While she may be a late sleeper, she doesn’t let this or her Macrame crafting affect her school and home lifestyles. She uses Macrame as a relief system and limits the time she spends on projects a day to keep balance.

“I love Macrame, but I don’t let it get prioritized over school work and daily exercise,” Wert said.

She has even tied Macrame and exercise together. Every other morning before online class, Wert goes on a walk with her mom. On these walks, she usually picks up items found in nature to incorporate into her projects.

“What I look for most on these walks is really good sticks,” Wert said. “Finding the perfect stick can add to the look of the project.”

Wert has also gained other habits from her work. Wert said that she has become more aware of her cleaning habits, putting more effort and care into everything she does.

“I think establishing my habit of Macrame was an incredible thing for me,” Wert said. “Anything you love can turn you into a better person, even Macrame.”