Freshman starts her morning with ironing and band


Elizabeth, Staff Writer

The birds are awake and the sound of cars driving by on the busy Mission road can almost be heard and then … Beep Beep Beep the alarm in freshman Elizabeth Benes’ room goes off as she slowly gets out of bed and hits the off button on her alarm. It’s now 6:30 and she has to be at school in 50 minutes. She starts walking towards the door in her room and grabs the Chromebook from the charger. As she walks down the dark hallway past her sisters’ room and down the dark stairs she is walking right into her dining room. 

“I don’t eat breakfast because I feel that is a waste of time and I value my sleep more than eating breakfast,” said Benes. “If I ate breakfast every morning then I would have to wake up 10 minutes earlier. That’s also why I take a shower every night instead of mornings.” 

She starts her morning putting her Chromebook in her backpack and then walking into the bathroom and brushing her hair and putting it into a sloppy bun to take care of it later and then she walks into the kitchen and pulls her lunch out of the fridge. 

“I make my lunch every night because I’m not really awake in the morning,” Benes said. “This also makes my morning a lot less stressful and hectic.”

She then takes it over by her backpack sitting on its normal spot on the chair and puts it in. She then goes to the chair and grabs her uniform top from the chair and brings it to the ironing board.  From there she turns on one of the lights and irons her shirt for the day. 

“My mom thinks that it’s an essential skill to know how to iron so she has us iron our shirts every morning,” Benes said. 

After she is done with this she unplugs the iron and looks down to see her dog has woken up and is ready for her morning walk. Coming right behind her is the groggy Mother to take the dog on a walk. Benes keeps getting ready for the day pulling on her shirt and tucking it in, brushing her hair and putting it in a ponytail then pulling on her skirt. It’s now 7:00 so she walks over to her brothers’ room and tells him it’s time to wake up and then she goes to the bottom of the stairs and wakes up her sisters. She then finishes getting ready by putting on her socks and shoes and puts on her coat. Her brother grabs his car keys and she grabs hers and he drives her to her 7:20 band practice. 

“My brother always takes forever to get out of school because he’s talking to his friends or girlfriend so I grab the spare car key so I don’t have to stand in the freezing cold.” said Benes. “I use the key to open his door and turn on the heat.”  

After her 7:20 band practice, she sits with her friends for 10 minutes in the commons and then they all walk to the freshman hallway together at 8:15. After that she gets her Chromebook, binder, and pencil bag and walks to English, then Theology, Spanish, Lunch, and Math. At 3:30 she says goodbye to her friends and walks out to her brothers’ car and waits for him to take her home. 

“I love my normal ordinary day and I wouldn’t change anything about it,” Benes said.