Sophomore’s solitude fills him with peace


Humanity’s greatest strength along with its weakness is their flaws. Mistakes and habits may lower some people from achieving their possibilities. 

Some people may use flaws as a motivational tool that causes a positive change in that individual. However, some may resist or never gain the wisdom granted by time.

Everyday light beams through the window to awaken sophomore Johny Warren from his slumber. He cannot willingly leave the side of his comfortable bed. When he reached the age of 13, he tried to figure out the perplexing dimensions behind the sunlight hitting his eyes, but this resulted in him getting blinds because no matter how hard he tried to sleep in one place, he always moved to the other side of the bed.  

“Why do I have to conjure up effort for such a futile end,” Warren said. “I suppose I have no other choice but to accept this menial cycle.”

Each day, Warren gains enough motivation to prepare for the day, but it can take time to do so, he proceeds with a bowl of cereal. Then he brushes his teeth, and after that the reformation of the bed finishes the routine. The remaining time fluctuates between homework, sleeping, and even playing video games or watching youtube. 

“I am a firm believer in Gandhi’s universal saying ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever,’ but I think there can be a few exceptions,” Warren said. “For example, enjoy your life to the best of your abilities without being hindered by setbacks, but don’t struggle to do things that you can easily resolve with less skill.”

On certain occasions, Warren said he will decide to not leave the borders of his bedroom. Sometimes he will isolate himself within his area to rest once again or even play classical music. During these times, he will refuse to even go outside for food or any ordinary necessity.

“What’s the point of change when stagnation has its equal merits?” Warren said. “I refuse to do more than what I must, and I shall only exert myself for only the grandest of tasks.”

Warren said he despises wastefulness, especially when it comes to time. He will, however, struggle if it means that he can gain a large reward or even save something that is precious to him. 

“Sloth isn’t such a bad sin, even if it has its flaws,” Warren said. “However, losing an opportunity is even worse.”

When he does need to eat, he walks into the kitchen with the same melancholy that he wakes up in the day with. This is not due to a recent incident or a sudden surge of sadness, it just expresses the knowledge that he has no reason to be happy.

“Everything has a purpose, or at least it should,” Warren said. “Same goes for effort, you only need to use it when you need to, and to reserve it for only the most appropriate of times.”

At 10:00 p.m. the Lake household begins to rest. This is Warren’s least favorite moment in time because the final two hours of the day are lost due to a strict curfew.

“I’m not a fan of my bed time, this is a day that will never come again and I have to wave my hat off to it,” Warren said. “Huh, I guess sleep in general means the same thing.”