Pixar’s ‘Onward’ creates magical, heartfelt story

Christina, Staff Writer

The journey of two brothers is a magical thing, yet Pixar has made it the real deal with a twist. A whimsical adventure-filled movie following the growth of a relationship between two elf brothers.
“Onward,” the latest Pixar film has been all the rage since its release date racking up $61.6 million in box office revenue in the U.S. The director Dan Scanlon (“Monsters University”) and producer Kori Rae (“Monsters University”) were a part of the difficult process in creating a movie that lived up to the high expectations of a Pixar film. “Onward” — based in a fantasy world filled with mythical creatures — follows the story of two elf brothers Ian ( Tom Holland) the more shy and timid brother and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt) an extroverted adventurer.
After the passing of their father, Wilden, their single mother Laurel (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is left to raise both boys on her own trying her best to understand their hardship through life. On Ian’s 16th birthday his mother gifted him and his brother a staff from their father, leading them both to believe their father was initially a wizard.
In the early years of New Mushroomton, magic and sorcery were no rare occurrence, however, since magic was hard to master, the townspeople figured that the use of electricity and modern devices was easier than trying to master the art of Wizardry. Barley and Ian both notice the spell linked with the magic staff that can bring back their father for a day but as Ian decided to try and recant the spell it goes horribly wrong and the only thing that was brought back was a pair of their father’s legs.
These two brothers now must go on a quest to retrieve the other half of their father before the time of the spell has ended, leaving them to never see their father again. Ian the youngest struggles with the loss of his father, having never met him.
The movie “Onward” had a very upbeat soundtrackb which made the movie sound more whimsical. The plot of the movie had a rough start, but throughout it brought more emotions and it left heartfelt moments for the main characters and the father. The animation of the movie was very detailed and it was prevalent that the animators took their time in making sure every aspect of the animation was correct from the characters to the clothing.
However, the storyline of the movie could have been improved by giving the mother a more understanding role of what her children feel. The reasoning for my opinion is that even though the youngest brother never got the love and attention he needed from his father he received it all from his brother, which gave the movie a heartfelt feeling, yet it still gave the mother a misleading outlook of her kid’s feelings.
The movie went through problems with the main characters giving a feeling of adventure and suspense. It showed the emotions of the characters on a deep level since the death of their father had both given them a grieving feeling making them go on a quest to meet their father one last time.
“Onward” can be compared to that of the movie “Zootopia” since it also is a world with a population of only non-human characters that display human characteristics.
This movie can move your emotions and can give you a heartwarming ending by going into detail with the character’s lives and emotions. I would give the movie 4 stars since the movie portrayed the family problem with much detail however the creator could have made the ending quest have more urgency and be more compelling.
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