Culver’s is the best fast food hamburger restaurant around

Elizabeth, Staff Writer

I come from a big family of six and we go basically everywhere with our grandparents, making us eight. Eating out is so expensive and hard with picky eaters.

 Even though this one doesn’t eat this and this one doesn’t eat that, there is one place everyone can agree on. Culver’s. It is an amazing place with amazing food and amazing people. 

I go to restaurants sometimes and gag because the bathroom floors are sticky or they look like they have never been cleaned. This has never once happened at Culver’s. I look at the floors, and they are sparkling. The trash is regularly emptied and there is nothing on the floors. 

Restaurants have dirty tables very often or trash on the ground. This does not happen at Culver’s though because they have somebody walking around wiping the tables down and picking up any trash that was forgotten.

The minute you walk into Culver’s you are immediately greeted and helped. When there is an employee nearby the doors, they will open them for you and let you go in first.

One of the best parts about Culver’s is the food. I have tried all kinds of french fries from Freddy’s to McDonald’s but none of them are as good as Culver’s crispy, perfectly warmed crinkle fries that leave your mouth doing twirls of joy. 

There are some places that you choke on the hamburger or bun because they are too dry or the hamburger patty is so thick that it drowns out the flavor in everything else. 

Culver’s has these juicy, thin patties that are just big enough to bring out the flavor in everything else on your hamburger like your fresh lettuce and/or tomato.

Their cheese curds are so crunchy and then when you bite into it it just melts into your mouth and it’s so warm. They put marinara sauce on the side, which cools it down and helps bring out the flavor in the melty Wisconsin Cheese. 

Culver’s is a fun fast food restaurant for all ages and occasions. They have some of the best food. It’s good for parties, picnics, prizes, family dinner, a get-together with friends, etc. 

It has amazing, cheap prices and is perfect for families of ALL sizes. 


Culver’s: 5 out of 5 stars

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