Podcast for women of faith helps one freshman

Stella, Staff Writer

I believe this season of quarantine and social isolation has been a blessing in my life. You may be telling yourself the exact opposite. I’ve come across many resources online that have helped me improve my mental, physical and emotional wellness in this uncertain time, as well as my faith life. 

The “Daily Grace Podcast” was formed from multiple women who believe the Bible is true, trustworthy and timeless, and they want to share their stories with other women who may need guidance in their faith life. 

This podcast has brought more meaning into my life and my relationship with God. I think it is a productive way to spend your time, and I believe it contains tangible tips and ideas to strengthen our faith that will help us achieve your ultimate goal of reaching heaven. 

I think the podcast can be a great way to connect with God and strengthen your faith outside of church. Now that we are in quarantine, I’ve found this helpful with staying on top of my goals and keeping myself accountable for becoming a better version of myself.

“The Daily Grace Podcast” can also be a replacement of music. This sounds boring but listening to faith-based content will fill your heart more than explicit rap songs will. Worship songs are also a great way to find God in our everyday life outside of podcasts.

The hosts of the podcast make it very relatable to listeners, and I can see it being helpful for people in many different age groups. It is mainly directed towards women and I think that any girl in her teens or women later in life would benefit from what the hosts of the show have to say. 

I think teenagers and people in general have a tendency to scroll through their phones for hours on end without being careful about the content they are consuming and faith-filled content will have more benefits in the long run. 

We all have a few extra minutes every day to tune into a podcast of any sort. The best part is you can put your headphones on and clean your house or make dinner for your family while listening to the podcast.

Listening to podcasts can spark ideas in other parts of your life, and if you sit down with a journal while listening to a podcast, I’m sure you’d be able to find tangible and tactical advice that would help you in your life.

To give an idea about the podcast topics, here are some examples: What does forgiveness look like?, How the gospel shapes our dreams, Praying scripture, Hope in suffering, and Comparing our spiritual gifts. 

The main hosts of the Podcast are Joanna Kimbrel and Stephanie Boyles. On almost all of the podcast episodes, they host a guest that shares more information about a topic or personal experiences. 

The hosts are both very relatable, and they are both moms so they like to talk about their kids. They keep their horizons broad, and they aren’t centered on one certain idea, which makes it more entertaining for more people of different backgrounds.

You can relate this podcast to Rachel Hollis’ Podcast, “Rise.” Rachel Hollis is an entrepreneur who has created a multi-million dollar business with the help of the internet and no college education. Her podcast centers around self-help and small-business help. 

The Daily Grace’s main difference from Rachel Hollis’ podcast is the faith-based component. I find both of the podcasts helpful and informative, but their content is very different.

You may also be able to compare this podcast to Hillsong Worship songs. The content being shared is very similar, but one speaks and one sings. Secondly, you could compare this podcast to “The Faithful Life Podcast,” another faith-based, self-help podcast. 

I recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to get back on their feet in her faith-life. Maybe you’re a teenager who went to a camp last summer that changed your life, but you haven’t found a way to continue learning about God and his gifts in a confident way at home.

 I’ve found this a helpful tool to come to if I’m looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon, and I’m trying to find a way to stay productive and learn something at the same time. 

Check out the show here.