App that helps you organize your life comes in handy during pandemic

A'myrah, Staff Writer

Trying to stay organized during quarantine is difficult for some people, whether it’s doing online school or trying to have a regular productive day. “The Homework App” on the Apple’s App Store is a great resource for you to make tasks for yourself throughout the day. 

This app helped me a lot during quarantine because it helped me set goals for myself instead of doing nothing all day. It has also helped me manage and organize the weeks full of online classes. The type of people who would like this app are people who like to stay active during their days. Another group of people who would like this app are people who love to organize their days.   

 Right when you open the app it brings you to the dashboard where you can add your name and choose from a list of colors to put it in. Below your name there is a bar that you can click and will bring you to a place where you can type in a task. 

When adding a task, the first thing you do is write a creative task name. You next have the option to choose a course. I use this option since it helps me sort out each of my online classes. If you use this option, it comes with a choice of colors to pick from to customize the course, which will automatically customize the task listed. The choices of colors you can pick from to customize any course range from primary to complementary to neutral colors. 

The next option you can use is to enter a due date. All of the tasks that you put a due date on will tell you when it’s due in your notification center. This is similar to “Google Classroom” but except it will tell you how many days or hours you have left to complete it. 

You can also add how much of a priority it is. You can click whether it is a low, medium or high priority. If I need something due before all of the other tasks, I can label it as high priority. You can next choose to set a reminder that will go to your notification center. 

After that, there is a section underneath called extras, which include notes/extra information, tags and subtasks. The option which I use a lot tag, which is where you can pick what type of task you are creating. You can add a tag or make your own. Since I use this app mostly for my online classes, I use the exam, homework or paper tag. 

I would like to add subtasks, but unfortunately you have to have a subscription to use it. The subscription also includes adding your instructors/teachers for school, no advertisements and picture notes. For me, I can use this app without the subscription. The only ad that pops up is for whether or not I want to buy the subscription when I first open the app. If you want to use everything included in the subscription, then you can pay $20 a year. 

I especially like the feature on this app that has its own page so you can see all your current tasks and completed tasks. It also has a calendar that automatically puts all of your tasks on there. The calendar is similar to Google Calendar but the app adds the task for you automatically instead of you filling it in. 

Overall, “The Homework App” is great for quarantine. It could either be a bother for you if you don’t like being on your phone often or great for you if you don’t mind being on your phone a couple times through the day to add and complete tasks. I give this app 4.5 stars because it has everything I need and is well organized, but you do have to close out of the subscription ad every time you open the app.