Does Netflix’s new hit show deserve the hype?

Josie, Staff Writer

Like a lot of people who watched “Outer Banks,” I started the show simply because it was blowing up on social media and I had way too much free time during quarantine. I was surprised when I watched the second half of the season in one day and was quick to decide that “Outer Banks” is one of my favorite shows. 

“Outer Banks” shows four friends living on a poorer side of town who discover that they have a chance to find hidden treasure. It shows the friendship between the four (John B, JJ, Kiara, and Pope) and the show expands into their personal lives, where they all struggle in different ways. The mission to find treasure starts with John B’s mission to find his dad, who went missing nine months before looking for the same treasure. The show displays the four friends try to overcome the odds that are against them on an island where they’re part of the working class. Will these four friends be able to bring some fortune to their lives? More importantly, will John B find his dad?

“Outer Banks” is a hard show to stop watching because it is constantly moving. The characters are endlessly moving through problems and being faced with new ones. Like another hit show recently on the Top 10 on Netflix in the U.S. list called “All American,” “Outer Banks” introduces new problems throughout the season that add complexity to the storyline and keep the watcher hooked. Many episodes end on cliffhangers, which makes it even harder to resist watching the next episode. The 10 episodes fly by, leaving the audience eager to find out what will happen in the next season.

I’m not the only one who enjoyed this fast-paced adventure story. Soon after its release, “Outer Banks” soared to the top ten on Netflix in the U.S., and, as of May 7, resides in the number one spot. The cast of “Outer Banks” is receiving its fair share of attention as well. The rapid growth of the show resulted in a swift growth of the cast’s following on social media. Madelyn Cline, who plays major character Sarah Cameron, reportedly had around 6K followers on instagram in mid-April. As of May 7, Madelyn’s Instagram sported 1.9 million followers, and her account is constantly growing.

The only issue I found with this show is that it lacks a sense of realism at some points, and there are some holes in the plot that nag at the watcher a bit. I found it really unrealistic when a character fell from a great height and was unconscious for hours, but only had a fractured arm and a concussion. One plot hole I noticed was that after a scene that shows a boat capsizing, the characters on the boat reappear with life jackets they weren’t wearing before. These issues make the show seem a little rushed, like the writers and directors didn’t think some scenes through. However, the show as a whole was enjoyable enough that the plot holes became only a minor issue in my mind.

The acting of some characters is very powerful and real to the audience. One example is JJ. His abusive father is clearly the reason JJ is rebellious and doesn’t go home often. Still, JJ loves his dad and wishes he was treated like a normal son. The audience can see that JJ longs for his father’s approval more than anything else. 

Although there are a few plot holes in the story, “Outer Banks” is enjoyable to watch because of the fast-paced plot and the wide span of characters that it focuses on. If watched with an open mind, this show is easy to get hooked on and hard to stop watching. This show will make you both laugh and cry, and will have you on the edge of your seat until it’s over.

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Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars