Netflix’s show ‘The Society’ hooks you in

Sophia, Staff Writer

Going on a field trip and coming back realizing nobody else is in this town besides you and your senior classmates is the premise of one Netflix show: no parents, no phone service, nothing. Director Marc Webb and writer Christopher Keyser created “The Society” which is a take on the 1954 novel “ Lord of the Files” by William Golding. “ The Society” is a high school drama that first focuses on the disappearance of all the kids’ parents, and they can’t get in contact with them because their phones go straight to voicemail. As days go on some students figure out that all the exits and entryways in their towns are blocked by huge trees that have “fallen” over.  

Many students just wanted to party every night since no adults were in the town, but one of the main characters Cassandra knows there has to be someone in charge to make sure they can survive. Cassandra starts to assign the jocks to police patrol the town and make sure nobody gets in any fights, and others are assigned to go to city hall and figure out why everyone disappeared. Others were assigned to count food and know how to make the food last,  Cassandra came up with a schedule that helps everyone survive. 

As the teens become more organized with essentials, they start enjoying their time in their locked town. Many still have hope that their parents will return home. The 10 episodes show fear, controversy, confusion, and kindness.  I give “ The Society” a 4 out of 5 starts because it is a good teen drama that gets straight to the point, but I felt by the end of the season I didn’t feel like I wanted to watch another episode. 

As the show goes on many of the characters turn on each other because there is leadership from one person but everyone has their own opinions, so many want to be the leader.  The teenagers realize that with leadership comes becoming adults since no one else is there to care for them. Many decide to start relationships and take one big adulting skill, but it’s what they have to do to survive. 

If you are into mystery teen survival type shows, this is definitely the show for you. With controversy and survival, it will hook you in for the full 10 episodes. 

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