How Miege students are staying fit while in quarantine

A'myrah, Staff Writer

A Miege freshman ties her Nike shoes up, and she puts a leash on both of her dogs: a fluffy collie and a tan mutt. She opens the front door to the sunny outdoors.

“I walk my dogs around my neighborhood and go running around the park near my house,” said Darby Sutherlin, a Miege student.

While on lockdown, students are finding ways to stay healthy and fit. Not having the chance to exercise can decrease health. Continuing to keep exercising can help people feel better and help them stay calm.

The hard part about staying active during quarantine, freshman Chazz Tarantino explained is having the motivation to go exercise, but said that he is lucky that his trainer is able to help him stay active by giving him exercises to do. 

Exercising outside gives people the opportunity for fresh air and vitamin D. 

“Exercising during lockdown is good so that you can keep your immune system healthy. It also helps to drink lots of water and eat oranges for its vitamin C,” said Gary Cheadle, a local fitness instructor. 

One student has kept her immune system healthy by running and working out outside.

“In quarantine I go outside to go on runs, and I go in my backyard and do workouts,” Kylee Coughlan said. 

Students are eve getting exercise by helping their families.

“During quarantine I’ve been staying busy by helping my family stay clean around the house and go outside to mow the lawn,” freshman Aiden Post said. “I also workout to stay busy and keep in shape.” 

There are many ways for students and anyone to stay healthy during quarantine. A couple of outdoor exercises are to walk a dog, go jogging, or ride a bike.

“My family and I go on bike rides, and me and my mom go on a jog around the neighborhood sometimes,” freshman Chloe Pennington said.

Indoor exercises can include yoga, weightlifting, or following an exercise video on the internet.

“I do a lot of workout videos to keep my health up,” freshman Delaney Johnson said.

There are also activities to do that relate to organized sports and conditioning.

“Daily, Coach Jonathon Holmes has been sending us football players at Miege workout routines to keep us active, and it is the source of my activeness,” freshman Emilio Ojeda said. 

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