Sophomore sends letters to loved ones

Hillary, Staff Writer

All it takes are some special pens, markers, and sharpies to become a little creative during this time. 

With the new pandemic and the restrictions of quarantine, sophomore Alice Brandt is sending letters to her friends and family getting creative with living through history. Quarantine has led Brandt to create letters and personally drop them off to friends and family.

“I’ve been writing letters because I know it’s kind of a rough time for everyone and writing them made me smile and just a little bit happier and giving them to my friends and making them smile and happy was good,” Brandt said. 

With the economy on pause, Brandt has been using her time and putting forth her efforts towards these letters. Whether it is a piece of paper, or some colorful markers, Brandt’s message is to make others feel happy and important. 

“Making my loved ones smile not only brings a smile to their faces, but a smile to my face,” Brandt said. 

According to Brandt, one of her friends wrote her a letter and inspired her to do the same for others. Sending letters has also been a trend since the quarantine process has started to keep in touch with people while social distancing.

Brandt has a process she follows when writing these letters.

“When I write each of my letters, I always start out with, ‘How are you?’ or ‘How are you doing?’ and then I usually say I miss them,” Brandt said. 

This outline begins the start of her letters. Each message has a general formatting, followed by a similar ending note at the end of the letter. 

“Then, I thank them for being such a good friend to me or being in my life and then if we have an inside joke or something I’ll end with that to make them laugh,” Brandt said. 

Brandt said that although her letters follow the same outline for each letter, she customizes each one for the person. 

“When times get rough, there is always a way to make someone smile,” Brandt said.

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