Corona is affects everyday lives

Claire, Staff Writer

Covid- 19 has restricted everyone to stand at least 6 feet away from each other, resulting in school cancellations, jobs postponed and families and friends bonds put on hold for months. Many reports of school cancellations for the rest of the year, meaning spring sports and senior graduation cancelled.  

Trying to figure out a way to balance jobs or school and family time all from inside four walls can be hectic and stressful.

“The transition is a little more overwhelming than I thought,” high school senior Kate Winklhofer said, “I thought I would enjoy online school and have more time to myself, but it has almost been the complete opposite.” 

According to, staying inside all day may take a toll on your mental health, so it’s important to find activities and try to indulge in them often. 

“The thing that makes me the happiest is going to school and interacting with my friends,” Winklhofer said. “Now that that’s taken away from me, we’ve been driving to an empty parking lot and parking 6 feet away so can still see each other.” 

Kansas Governor states that it’s extremely important to emphasize social distancing, for it has made a noticeable impact for decreasing the spread, and you’re doing your part to help the virus by staying home. 

“You just can’t expect that your friends haven’t contracted the virus,” Winklhofer said, “Even if you’re willing to take the risk of getting the virus, you have to consider the possibility of bringing the virus to your home and putting your family at risk.” expresses that aside from social distancing, teenagers and young adults will do better during this overwhelming time if they make their day full of projects and less screen time.

“One of the biggest components to keep yourself stable is to watch your eating habits, make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of sleep, and engage in several activities,” Winklhofer said.  

“We need to adjust to this new way of living because this will be our new normal,” Winklhofer said.

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