What one family does to stay busy during quarantine

Emma V., Staff Writer

While families are spending so much time together, they are coming up with new, creative ways to pass the time. 

“I’ve been knitting a quarantine blanket and sewing masks for my family.” said Dena VanWalleghem, mother of the VanWalleghem children. 

The VanWalleghem family household has been up to quite a bit since the lockdown began. 

“ I made churros, bread, cookies and cake,” said freshman Claire VanWalleghem, the fourth of five children. 

The family started many new long awaited projects.

“ I started knitting a shawl, blankets and hats,” Dena said. “I also started redoing two of my kids’ bathrooms in my house.” 

Although the family gets along well, they said they still have times where they just need a break from each other.

 “I can’t be in the same room with them for too long without wanting to punch something,” said senior Abigail VaWalleghem, the oldest child living in the house. 

The VanWalleghems have been helping out others in this tough time as well.

“I went to Wisconsin to help my retired brother move back home to Kansas City,” said Carl VanWalleghem, father of the family. 

He has also been helping his dad out with his yard work, such as mowing his lawn.

“He has a very large yard so I’d rather have me mow it than risk my father getting hurt,” Carl said.

The family has been watching several movies such as the first, second, and third “The Christmas Prince” movies.

“It’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life, and it is so stupid it makes me cry,” Abigail said.

Though the family has its share of struggles, they said they are still enjoying all the time they are spending together.

“In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, I’m grateful to have my family to be locked up with,” Dena said. 

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