Students have varying opinions of staying home

Sophia, Staff Writer

The smell of cinnamon drifts throughout Emma Lazarczyk’s household as she hears a loud beeping noise, she walks to the oven to take out homemade cinnamon rolls. Lazarczyk has picked up making at home recipes ever since Governor Kelly issued a stay at home order for COVID-19.
During the month of March a vast majority of states in the U.S went into lockdown orders. COVID-19 has caused people to lose their jobs, schools to shut down and many other things happen.
Since school has been cancelled an app called Zoom has helped teachers communicate with their students virtually. Many kids have different feelings about staying home 24/7.
“It is not fun. When you have something to keep you busy, it’s fine, but when you have nothing to do it’s so boring,” freshman Samantha Robinson said.
The stay-at-home order is to help eliminate the spread of coronavirus, but if people need to go out for necessities, the rule is to stay 6 feet apart at all times.
Staying inside for many days has caused people to discover new hobbies.
“I have been trying new recipes and binge watching other shows as well as getting outside and playing sports,” Lazarczyk said.
Studies have shown that staying inside has caused the air to become cleaner, and Earth Day was exciting for many environmentalists, according to ABC News. Since fewer cars are on the road, air pollution has dropped significantly.
The newest update for lifting the stay at home order is May 4th the state will start slowly reopening shops and many other businesses. On April 30, 2020 Governor Kelly will be announcing the final date of when the order will be lifted.
“I’m really excited for the stay-at-home order to be lifted soon,”Lazarczyk said. “I can’t wait to hang out with my friends. Hopefully, everyone continues to stay safe and stay-at-home order won’t have to be a thing again and we can go back to normal.”