What should happen to the pro sports seasons?

Demetrius, Staff Writer

I think players should be able to play after most cities are cleared. It is not fair to us or when we go to the games and watch them play, we pay for their contracts so they should play. Now if not, it’s just money for doing nothing.
It is most of the players’ dreams to play in the big leagues. If a majority of the teams vote to play, they should play, even if there are little or no crowds. That is fine — at least we are able to watch them.
I feel like it isn’t fair for the college players entering the draft this year because they had to do a virtual draft. You wait all your life just for that moment, and it was at home. First-rounders don’t get to shake the commissioner’s hand. They don’t get to get in front of the stage, put on the hat and show off the jersey like people before them.
Sitting at home is not the same as being at the real draft. I asked Johnny Joe Diaz what he thought about the draft,, and he said, “That is not fair. I would be mad and want it to be pushed back.”
That could mess up the rest of the schedules because they gave Vegas another year to hold the draft.
NBA should play its postseason out. Those players grinded the whole season just for this playoff opportunity, and they don’t get to play. That’s just not fair, and what about all those other teams hoping it was was going to be the year that they made it to be on top? No one team gets that taken away from them. It could have been a lazier Milwaukee’s year, Houston, it could have been anyone’s but it got taken away from them.
The MLB hasn’t even started. What do they do to their season? Play less games, extend? What if it gets too cold for them to play baseball? What do they do then?
“I think they should just shorten the regular season,” Diaz said.
To that, I think they should start up as soon as they can, because who knows what will happen?