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According to a survey sent out to remote learners, items listed in the infographic above were voted as the most important must- haves.

Remote learners create new workspaces

The morning sun rises, and students wake up to blaring alarm clocks, shouts from parents and siblings to hurry and the snooze button going off yet again.

For nearly 60 full-time online students, it is different. They get ready for school by walking a couple feet to their desk, powering on their computer and typing in the Zoom code to join their classmates remotely. This routine for remote learners has become a new normal, but comes with challenges and benefits. 

Participation is essential in classes and managing to do this while learning from home can have its conflicts. 

“I make sure that I am in my room by myself where it is quiet and I can focus and hear what is going on in class,” junior Emma Baird said. 

Baird has developed ways to help her stay engaged and focused while distance learning. 

“I always sit up at my desk where I have a tidy workspace and no distractions,” Baird said. 

Staying attentive while learning from your house comes with difficulties and distractions. 

“It’s really hard for me, because I look around and try to do stuff, so I have to force myself to stay focused,” sophomore Amelie Robinson said. “You have to literally set everything aside and just commit to focusing on the class.”

While remote learning, having a designated space to learn and study helps students stay organized. 

“I keep my desk area clean and always have my books stacked right next to me so that I know where they are and I can be prepared for class,” Baird said. 

Another organization tip that has helped students is writing down their assignments and what they need to do. 

“I keep a planner,” Robinson said. “I write everything down, like when I’m going to do stuff and I number it in order of importance.”

According to an online survey, 67% of the 21 remote learners who took the survey had a designated work space prior to online learning. 

“I already had a desk setup prior to going online, but I use it a lot more now that I am online than I have in the past,” Baird said. 

Technology errors are negative parts that come with learning from home. 

“You can get disconnected,” Robinson said. “Things that are just inevitable like Wi-Fi issues.” 

The social interaction with friends and classmates throughout the school day is another feature that online students miss. 

“Talking in the chat with your friends just isn’t the same as laughing and talking with your friends in person,” Baird said. 

As the school year has gone on, remote learning has become trouble-free. 

“I find school from home easy because I always have my supplies right in front of me at all times,” Baird said. “I feel more prepared and organized since I get to use my own space.”

Independence is an aspect that remote learners gain. 

“You get to organize your own schedule and there is some more flexibility with that,” Robinson said. “You get to be in the comfort of your own home.”


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