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A bond that will never be broken is what senior twins, Abby and Mandy Henshaw have, a strong sister relationship with different types of creativity.
“All four of us kids would do crafts all the time,” Abby said. “We were always drawing, we had a playroom with a big table, and we were always drawing on it for hours.”
The Henshaw twins are two creative people with bright minds and unique projects up their sleeves.
“Mandy is creative, like right now she’s building a dollhouse,” Abby said. “She’s always doing new crafts.”
Mandy has worked on a new project for a while now; she estimates at around 50 hours total she has been working on her dollhouse that she started from scratch.
“When we were little, we used to like making doll houses out of cardboard,” Mandy said. “At the beginning of last year, we were joking about what if we did that, but like actually tried. ”So then I started sketching and then in December, I made a total sketch in like, dimensions, and everything in the house. Then I just got a piece of plywood from Home Depot and just kind of started because I’m like, ‘Hey, who cares if I’m 18-years-old, and I threw away all my Barbies?’ I’m gonna buy one more and make a dollhouse.”
Creativity takes a big role for the Henshaw twins. While Mandy shows her creativity by making and creating things, Abby shows her creativity by expressing herself through writing and art.
“I really like writing and doing creative stuff and that’s why I really like yearbook’s,” Abby said. “I love to paint and draw, paintings my favorite and I also really like writing.”
Even though both Henshaw twins will be attending different colleges due to different majors they want to study journalism and architecture, they will always be connected to each other.
“It’s definitely going to be really hard not to go to the same college as each other,” Abby said.
They both have plans to stay connected with each other, said Mandy.
“It’s not gonna be that bad because I think we’ll be FaceTiming, and she’s gonna be bombarding me with Snapchats 24/7,” Mandy said. “But we can’t be conjoined at the hip forever.”

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