Planning Ahead: Juniors present their future aspirations


Mary-Kathryn Wert

On April 6, Miege hosted junior-led conferences for the first time in recent school history.

Walking into a classroom with three teachers and available parents, juniors individually attended their junior-led conferences throughout the school day on April 6. 

This was the first year that all juniors were required to present their academic plan for their senior year, which also helps them join one of the seven academic communities that relates to their interest. The conferences allowed students to go into depth about their current and future goals.

Since then, juniors have had a chance to put into practice some of the advice they received a month ago. 

“I think these conferences are helpful for juniors – it is a great way to look at what we want to do in our future lives,” junior Josie Herrold said. “The teachers gave some good suggestions and posed some good questions that made me think about my life in a different perspective.”

Herrold is a part of the Health Sciences and Medicine community. Junior Benjamin Frey shared Herrold’s opinion as a part of the Engineering and Design community. According to Frey, having the opportunity to brainstorm the possibilities of his future was helpful as he created his schedule for senior year. 

“I talked to Mr. Peterie about going into Physics and engineering in college,” Frey said. “He gave me some really good insight about it that helped me to actually change my thinking into what I want to go into.”

Frey said despite his hesitance at first, he managed to get a lot out of his junior-led conference.

“I think if you actually took something out of it, you can [get help] because I decided to take AP Physics next year because of it,” Frey said.

According to guidance counselor Dan Meara, these conferences are a way for students to practice essential skills and planning. 

“This is real world type stuff that they’ll do in college and in the workforce,” Meara said. “It gave them an opportunity to share that.”