“Before individuals can 
love others, they must 
love themselves.  said MIEGIAN EDITORS.
“Before individuals can love others, they must love themselves. ” said MIEGIAN EDITORS.
Will Atchity

Everyone’s Your Valentine: Valentine’s Day celebrates all types of love, wherever it resides

The era of love is upon us. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays. As the day approaches, it can be difficult not to compare one’s own relationship status with others. As a complex
emotion, love can be hard to navigate in a world that seeks to define it superficially. After all, Valentine’s Day is simply a celebration of love, not necessarily romantic love.

Before individuals can love others, they must first love themselves. Love is felt internally and externally, which is tough to figure out. It sometimes feels like a battle, trying to experience love while struggling with internal self-worth. The best way to handle Valentine’s Day as a single person is to realize that love comes in many forms.

Love can be familial. When examining how Valentine’s Day can be celebrated, remember that there is not just one type of love. Family holds extreme importance and should be thought of on a day that places love at the center of everything. I’m sure Grandma would love a phone call or even a text on a day of joy. If family is not an available option, count on friends to bring Valentine’s Day cheer.

Love can be friendly. Making friends makes the high school experience much more enjoyable for anyone. Friends can either be an extension of familial support or the support for a person. Valentine’s Day can be a time to tell friends that they are loved and appreciated. Going out to dinner with friends on the day of love exemplifies the whole point of the holiday. Friends can exist on a few levels, but Valentine’s Day is a reminder to all in question that they are loved, even if it’s just by one person.

Obviously, love can be romantic. It is imperative to show one’s significant other that they care because it maintains a strong and healthy relationship. Spending time with one’s partner on Valentine’s Day is one of the most classic forms of celebration, but it is not the only one.

Don’t let Instagram posts or cheesy movies distract you from the real truth of Valentine’s Day. That type of love may seem real but it can also be fake and filtered to seem like a happy-go-lucky Disney ending. Love can also be self-defined. Since love is a wide spectrum, it can truly be whatever one wants it to be. You do not have to be romantically involved with someone to be happy, despite what the media or anyone may say. We are made to live fully and joyously in every period of our lives.

Just because you don’t have a partner to see does not imply that you must wallow in self-pity or eat a box of chocolates alone. Love is all around. Whether it’s at school, home, work or somewhere more specific, love can be found. Go beyond Hallmark’s definition and enjoy the love around you because it is eternal.

Valentine’s Day brings the immortality of love to light. It celebrates the idea of love in all its forms. As the Valentine’s Day season rolls around, allow yourself
to celebrate the current love in your life whether it’s a hug from a parent, a call from a friend, a date with a significant other or anything that brings you the freeing feeling of love.

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