A league of his own: If he could sophomore Jonathan Weis would do nothing else but talk about the Royals


Colin Batliner

Sophomore Jonathan Weis devoutly follows the Royals especially former Royals’ player, Alex Gordon.

Colin Batliner, Staff Writer

The Kansas City Royals may have flown under the radar this year due to COVID-19 and subpar performance, but to Bishop Miege sophomore and baseball fanatic Jonathan Weis, nothing can stop his affection for the sport.

Some of Jonathan Weis’ happiest memories come from watching the Royals, specifically former Royal’s player Alex Gordon.

“Alex Gordon is the superman of left field, he never gives up at bat or on defense and when he has a bad day he always redeems himself,” Weis said fondly.

For Weis, Gordon is not just inspirational as a baseball player he has also taught him many important lessons about life outside of baseball.

“Alex makes mistakes just like all of us and he never gets angry about them or thinks back to them,” Weis said. “He is always focused on making the next play or making sure the next at-bat goes his way. Alex’s mindset has helped me do that too. I learned to always stay focused and just do what I need.”

Although Weis knew the day would come soon that Gordon would retire, he said he was distraught the day he received word of the retirement.

“It was emotional, I just wanted to shout out to him that I loved him and wanted to say thank you for a great 14-year career full of accomplishments with KC,” Weis said.

Even with his favorite player’s retirement, there is no need to worry about Jonathan losing his commitment to the Royals and their players.

“My favorite thing is when Salvador Perez is around, he’s the best player on the Royals and one of the best in the league,” Weis said.

Many Royals fans were disappointed in the team’s performance in the shortened season, but Weis said he believes that any progress is worthy of celebration.

“Our placement wasn’t that bad compared to previous years and I’m glad we are improving because that’s the first step to becoming successful again,” Weis said, in excitement for the Royals’ future. “We have a lot of young guys who can help the team in the next few years.”