Students honor the life of Mackenzie Cowan


Isabel Copeland

Junior Olivia Cerda holds ribbons in remembrance of Mackenzie Cowan. Cowan passed away on Sept. 27th, 2019, and students made 600 pins to honor her.

Olivia Cerda, Staff Writer

Students walked into school wearing purple on Oct. 2 and were greeted with 600 ribbons of all shapes and sizes. The Miege community commemorated the one-year anniversary of the passing of Mackenzie Cowan. 

In remembrance of Mackenzie, several students got together on Thursday night to pin the purple ribbons. 

“It meant a lot to me to pin the ribbons,” junior Alice Brandt said. “It showed me that the school cared and they wanted to do something to show they cared. I was proud to make the ribbons.”

Friday morning, there were purple ribbons at every entry and exit for each person in the building to take.  

I think it was a thoughtful, loving way to honor and remember Mackenzie,” campus minister director Bill Creach said. 

The passing of sophomore Mackenzie Cowan brought Miege, and especially the Class of 2022, together. As a community, students and faculty turned to each other for comfort and healing.

“Mackenzie Cowan was the light of anyone’s life, no matter who the person was,” junior Jenna Dorsett said. “Her smile always lit up the room, and her contagious laugh could make anyone smile. Mackenzie’s evident faith was the most impactful part of the friendship we shared.”  

According to guidance counselor Brady Beek, the passing of Cowan bonded the community, school, teachers, faculty and staff. He recalled students gathering together in the chapel and coming together to create bows and ribbons for pep club and the cheer team. 

“Somebody that has that pleasant of a personality and a friend to classmates and other people in the school has brought a huge affect to the Miege community…,” Beek said. “Mackenzie had a great spirit, always stayed positive during her time.” 

The impact Mackenzie had on the school is the exact reason students felt the need to make the ribbons not only to remember her, but also celebrate the life she lived. 

“It was a stressful experience, but in the end all worth it.” junior Abby Casper said. “It meant a lot to have the opportunity to help out with the ribbons especially for the Miege community and the remembrance of Mackenzie Cowan.”