Third Time’s a Charm: Junior experiences all three modes of learning due to quarantine

Junior experiences all three modes of learning due to quarantine


Emma Lazarczyk

As a junior, the talk of college begins to be more stressful especially in 2020, the in person learning provided by the school gives a more safe and reassured feeling.

Olivia Cerda, Staff Writer

With only a week of hybrid learning under my belt, my entire learning plan was flipped upside down. On Sept.15, my mom tested positive for COVID-19. 

Hearing the news that I had to quarantine for 14 days was difficult, but what was even more upsetting was knowing that my mom was the one who had to go through something so terrible.

Adjusting from going to school 2-3 days a week to not going at all and becoming a remote learner took some time to adjust. I had to constantly stare at a computer screen while hoping that my internet wouldn’t crash in the middle of an important lecture or note taking. 

My quarantine officially ended on Sept. 29th, and my return to the building was more exciting than I could have ever imagined. That same week, Miege changed the education plan from hybrid to everyone in the building at the same time every single week. 

The thought of going to school all day with everyone in the building was only something I dreamt of at the beginning of August and only a month and a half later, the dream came true. As an extrovert, I was ecstatic to know I was attending school with all of my friends and classmates. 

After getting to experience all three ways of learning, in just a short span of a month, It was more than enough time to decide which style of learning I preferred more.

 At the beginning of the school year, I did not mind hybrid learning. I think hybrid was a smart and safe way to ease students back into the school routine after spending six months at home. Also, it was nice not having to wake up extra early on some weekdays and sleep in just a bit longer. 

After only a week and a half of hybrid, I had to begin remote learning, which was my least favorite out of the three. As an extrovert and visual learner, learning outside of the classroom and at my dining room table was extremely difficult. Although Zoom provided a great opportunity for students who chose to stay permanently remote connected to the classroom, it was difficult to receive the help and assistance I needed at the time. Even though I disliked remote learning, it allowed me to become a more responsible student and helped me stay on top of all my assignments. 

Now, exactly one month of my return back to school, I couldn’t be happier to be fully present in the building with all of my friends and classmates. Being in school full time has helped me create a routine that allows me to manage my time wisely and stay on task. Out of all three learning styles I experienced, I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to attend school full time with everyone in the building.