School changes to one-way hallways for students safety


Alena Gillespie

Miege has one-way hallway signs all over school to show the way. According to theology teacher Ross Dessert, this policy is recommended by the CDC and the Department of Education.

Sindy Garcia

Due to COVID-19 Bishop Miege High school has made a few changes to keep all students and staff safe to return to school. One of Miege’s changes has been to have one-way hallways throughout the building.

Since some students have gone back to school, students have had the chance to see how everything works at school. 

“The one-way hallways are kinda confusing, but also better than having everyone bunched up going both ways,” sophomore Nohemi Gurrola said. 

At Miege the one-way hallways go in one direction, and that direction takes students all the way around the whole school. There are arrows to guide the way all over school. There are hand-sized stop signs that say where not to go.

“I would probably change the stair system because everyone is crowded together and not spaced out,” freshman Norah Carney said. If we had a two-way stairway system maybe people would be less crowded together.”

The one-way hallways frustrate many students because it can get difficult to get to class, especially when students crowd up on the stairwells, it makes traffic.

“I like them, but there are certain things that make it hard to get to classes because some of my classes are all the way to the bottom or all the way to the top so it’s confusing having to go all the way down the stairs than all the way back up to go to my next class,” Gurrola said.

According to theology teacher Ross Dessert, the one-way hallways is something that other schools are doing and it is a recommendation from the CDC and Department of Education. 

“The only reason for any of these new COVID procedures is to try to keep school open and avoid any kind of outbreak that might prevent us from being able to have everyone at school,”  theology teacher Ross Dessert said. “If we had two-way hallways, then a lot of students would see their friends and stop to talk and gather. The one-way hallways keep people moving from one class to another and prevent congregating in the hallways.”

One-way hallways are to keep all students and staff at Miege safe.

“Overall, I understand that the one-way hallways are for our safety and they function relatively well for their purpose,” Carney said.