Scrolling Through 2020: The Best TikTok Dances of 2020


MaryKathryn Wert

TikTok’s logo appears as the app opens. TikTok currently has around 850 million users.

Mary-Kathryn Wert, Staff Writer

If anything has kept me entertained with plenty of free time in quarantine, TikTok has been up there. Watching dance trends is especially up there because I could never give justice to any of these dances, which might be why I love to watch them so much. I can’t help but keep scrolling through them for what feels like hours.

It was hard choosing just a few of the best with the endless sea of trends, but these are some of my personal favorites from this year.

‘Blinding Lights’

Not only is the song good, but the dance is too. This is definitely one of the most lively dances on this list. It’s not a very hard dance so I was even able to teach my mother how to do it. 

The main focus of this dance is the footwork. It may seem hard at first but the more you work on it, the more natural it starts to feel. It’s a very energetic dance, which makes it even better.

With all the energetic hand movements and facial expressions, it’s hard to not like this dance. It gives off so many good vibes that I love.


In my opinion, this is one of the harder dances that I’ve seen on TikTok. There are so many hand movements that make me wonder how they do it. The fast hand movements and the fluidity of the dance makes it so addicting to watch

I have to say for this dance, the dancer makes or breaks it. Dances to this song are either the best I’ve seen or I can’t stand to watch it again.

One tip I have for this dance is make sure to practice because it’s easy to spot when people haven’t.

‘Do I Have Your Attention’

This dance is so good. The amount of talent and flexibility of people who do this dance is crazy. I could watch TikToks of this dance for hours because of all the amazing moves.

I think the best part of this trend is the diversity of dances. While they all have some of the same focal points, dancers turn it into their own and have something new to bring.

Not only have dancers been doing this trend but gymnasts as well. I have terrible flexibility so watching these dances makes me want to work so I could do it too.


Let’s be honest, even if you don’t have TikTok you probably know this dance. The key part of this dance that makes it so addicting is the simplicity of it. Even for me, an average level dancer, can do this dance and have a great time doing it. 

While this dance started trending towards the end of 2019, it kept strong all the way into 2020. Not only is the dance simple and somewhat easy to execute, but it gives so many entertaining moves. The rolls and punching move give the dance a lot of power, making it seem so much more intense then it actually is. 

The simplicity and power of this dance definitely makes it my favorite. This is a dance pretty much anyone could both do and enjoy.

2020 has flown by and has come with some hard days for everyone. TikTok has helped to brighten my days, seeing so many people having fun and just doing what they love. They all make me want to get up, have fun and just dance.