Sandwich shop in City Market area is a must-try for high schoolers


Maria Nguyen

The classic combination of burgers and fries has a special spin at Pigwich. Pigwich, the relatively recent sandwich shop in City Market, has a variety of delicious and affordable options.

Maria Nguyen, Staff writer

If you are looking for a new lunch place to go with your friends or family that is both affordable and delicious, I have just the place for you. Pigwich, located in the historic City Market, is a fun and tasty option that’ll be sure to leave you satisfied. 

Originating in the East Bottoms in 2012, Pigwich became the new shop in town when it moved into the City Market in 2019. Its recency was probably the reason I had never heard of it before my encounter. I happened to stumble upon Pigwich when passing through City Market with my family one day. It was lunchtime, and naturally, my siblings could not agree on where to eat for lunch. To avoid a quarrel, we quickly decided to try a new place that sounded and looked interesting. 

Pigwich gave off a fun and folksy vibe, despite its small size. Both the inside and the outside of the restaurant had a rustic air, with its wooden tables and cozy interior decorated with vintage string lights. It was a comfortable atmosphere, and even outside where we ate was a pleasant experience. Needless to say, we were all happy with the decision.

The menu in itself looked deceptively simple, but all of its items had its own spin on it. There were several sandwich options ranging from a variety of burgers, pulled pork, chicken, and a few unique sandwiches, such as the Vietnamese bánh mì. I also noticed that almost every item on the menu was under $10, which I thought was a great deal for the delicious food. 

I decided to go with the East Bottoms Burger, which included jalapeno pickle, pepperjack, ranch and barbecue sauce. The sandwich was decently large and overflowing with cheese and toppings, and the burger itself was juicy and tangy. I tried a bite of my little sister’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich, which included a chicken patty, a spice mix on a bun and several toppings. Clearly, it was the spiciest choice on the menu, and although it wasn’t for me, she loved it. My other sister was content with her $5 Pigwich Jr. burger that she had chosen off the kid’s menu. Lastly, we all shared an order of sweet potato fries, which came in a cute one-quart “berry basket.” The whole lunch tied together was not only delicious, but also a fun experience in a rustic-style restaurant.

I would highly recommend Pigwich to family and friends because it is affordable, casual and delicious. The location, which is less than a 15- minute drive from Miege, also allows for some exploration of City Market. Family or friends can walk around the market together and shop for gifts or apparel, or get some bubble tea at the nearby Dragonfly Tea Zone or candy at the Candy Wizard. It’s a refreshing experience, to accompany delicious lunch options like Pigwich. Overall, I would rate Pigwich 5 out of 5 stars for the aesthetic, atmosphere and most importantly, the food that’ll leave you coming back for more.