Next Level Athletes


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Standing together having a conversation between innings, Logan (left) and Luke (right) Shull wait to continue the team’s consistent start to the season. Both brothers will be playing baseball at Washburn University as other members of the senior class head to 28 different colleges to play. |

Colin Batliner, Staff Writer

It is fairly common for children to play sports with siblings as they try to figure out what sport or activity is right for them, but seniors Logan and Luke Shull are taking this to the next level by both committing to the same school to play baseball together at Washburn University.
The step up to college sports is a big one for any student-athlete.
The competitors are skilled but the brothers are ready for adversity and said they want to take the challenge head on.
“It’s just a different atmosphere and higher-level baseball that we’ve never played with before,” Luke Shull said. “It’s better competition, more intense crowds, and completely new people that have me the most excited for playing in college.”
Playing together in college was not something the brothers expected, but it was a welcome surprise when they both got offers from Washburn University for their skills on the baseball field.
“We didn’t really know what was gonna happen, and then it just kind of worked out in a way that we both applied to the same college without knowing,” Logan Shull said. “We were okay to go to separate places, but then it just worked out that we got to go together and that was pretty cool for both of us.”
The twin brothers use each other to improve and push themselves harder in games and practice by using the bond they’ve created over the many years playing together.
“It makes it fun, our chemistry we have, we give each other trouble for bad plays and even on good plays we’ll make a joke or say something stupid to each other, so it’s kind of fun,” Luke Shull said. “We for sure have a rivalry that makes it worse if we have a bad game because we like to make fun of each other, but it’s all jokes and it’s fun being out there together.”
It is not just the Shull brothers going on to represent Miege’s athletic program in college. Out of this year’s senior class about 20% of all the students are going on to college to play a sport.
According to Athletic Director Andrew Groene, only about 7% of high school athletes go on to play a sport in college.
“I think it has a lot to do with the people that are involved in the lives of our students, whether it’s their teammates, their friends being there for support, whether it’s their coaches helping them learn, and it definitely has a lot to do with their parents for all the many things they do,” Groene said. “So athletes, remember all the things that have been sacrificed for you to get to this point in your life and thank them for the many things that they were able to do.”
Recently, Groene congratulated Sarah Perico on her signing to the Naval Academy for the heptathlon in track and field and complimented all the members of the Bishop Miege community on their work in making the school what it is.
“I’d like to thank Sarah’s parents for letting us be a part of her life for the last four years and letting us be a part of her growth,” Groene said. “Miege is a great school, and it’s a great school because of the people that are in it, and Sarah is one of those students that makes Miege so great.”


2021 Athletic Commitments 


Sarah Hayes- Missouri State University


Luke Shull- Washburn University

Logan Shull- Washburn University

Griffin Edds- Washburn University

Nathan Stanley- Daytona State University

Joseph Lopez- Benedictine College

Jude Putz- University of Arkansas


Cate Boling- Elmhurst University

Harrison Braudis- Minnesota State University

Tayt Harbour- California State Northridge

Payton Verhulst- University of Louisville


Starshine Harris- Palmer- Missouri Valley College

Hayden Thilges- Morningside College

Nathan Smith- Quincy University

Jack Kincaid- Hutchinson CC

Timothy Dorsey- Illinois State University

Mack Moeller- University of Kansas

Khol Saint Louis- Benedictine College

Track and Field: 

Trey Ausler- Pittsburg State University

Carson Key- Campbell University


Mariann Castillo- Avila University

Ayden Greene- Illinois Institute of Technology

Caroline Gyllenborg- Benedictine College

Tomos Williams- Drake University

Emily Carrasco- MidAmerica Nazarene

Coleton Reel- JCCC

Marisol Tinoco- JCCC


Erin Garr- Stony Brook University

Leilani Elder- University of Alaska Anchorage

Sam Mannebach- Cumberland University

Ella Martin- Colorado School of Mines


Audrey Howard- Calvin University