The Road to Administration


Clare McLellan

Helping the seniors line up for their Senior Sunset picture, Assistant Principal Alex Keith fulfills his college dream through his new administrative role.

Colin Batliner and Kate Moores, Staff Writers

At Benedictine College, Assistant Principal Alex Keith was on his way to fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher until one conversation with a professor changed his plans.
“When I was in college, I had a professor named Dr. Henderson,” Keith said. “She said to me once, ‘You would make a great administrator someday,’ and I just latched onto that.”
Keith then began pursuing an administrative degree.
“When I went to get my degree for administration, she was my teacher again and kind of resolidified that this was what I wanted to do going forward,” Keith said.
Even though his plans changed, Keith became a theology teacher at St. James. He eventually became the head of the department, but then heard about an available position as assistant principal at Miege.
“It was always my dream to get into administration, and I jumped at the opportunity,” Keith said.
Keith’s dream is now happening here, and his first year has started off strong.
“I’m having a blast,” Keith said. “The community’s awesome, and that’s been the best thing so far.”