Electing for Electives: Students should take electives over study hall

Ava Belchez, Copy Editor

It’s late January, and the list of classes is in front of you as you select your schedule for the following year. You see that you have an open spot, an opportunity to take an elective — a chance to take a class in art, music, engineering, language or more.
However, the temptation to choose to take a Stag Seminar often overrules the desire to take an elective. A free period, a time to get homework done and socialize and a break from the rest of your classes, may appear more attractive than adding another class to your already packed schedule and workload.
But what are you missing out on?
An elective class can also serve as a break from the rest of your classes, but unlike Stag Seminar, it’s a more rewarding one. You are given the opportunity to meet people who are interested in the same activities as you or discover a passion for an activity you’ve never tried before. Either way, you learn something new and are opened up to another aspect of the school.
Electives are worth more because you will gain more, but also because they are worth more credits. The required number of elective credits is six and the total amount of required credits is 26. Taking Stag Seminar will give you 1/4 credit, while electives can give you 1/2 or even one whole credit.
But don’t let the numbers cloud your judgement. Even if you have as many elective credits as you need to graduate, don’t immediately turn to Stag Seminar as your only option. Surpass the required goal and try something new. I have very much exceeded the required amount of elective credits and am currently in four elective classes: AP 2-D Design, Concert, Chorale, band and newspaper.
As someone who has taken Stag Seminar, I would not trade the elective classes I’m currently taking for a study hall. I look forward to them every day, and knowing I have them next hour motivates me through my harder classes.
The connections you form with teachers and fellow students through elective classes is something that you are excluded from when taking a Stag Seminar. Freshman year, elective classes are the perfect way to meet new people. Senior year is no different; you can still meet new people and try new things.

In the end, it’s your decision whether to enroll in an elective class or Stag Seminar when re-enrollment rolls around or you’re given the chance to change your schedule this January. Just remember that you get out what you put into your high school experience, and electives will give you more than Stag Seminar will.