Meet Miege: Junior Maya Pepin


Julia Meyers

Junior Maya Pepin

Julia Meyers, Staff Writer


Q:Why did you decide to come to school here? 

A:I chose Miege because I love the community and my older sister went here. It was kind of a family school. 


Q:Was that the deciding factor, your sister coming to this school?

A:Yeah, definitely, when my sister decided to come here.


Q:What is your favorite class?

A:My favorite class is probably Anatomy. Yeah, I just love Mrs. Reed. 


Q:Favorite day?

A:Probably my B days, because after the second hour or I guess just 6th, I guess I’m kind of just done. Like I have a stag seminar, then theology, so it’s kind of easy.


Q:How would you describe the Miege community?

A:I think it’s great,I would describe it as a family, everyones so nice to each other, and really includes everyone.  And I’ve met some really amazing people.


Q:What moment do you think sums up Miege?

A:The Herd competitions, when everyone comes together, and kind of goes crazy. It’s really fun.


Q:What is your favorite thing you’ve been involved with?

A:My favorite thing to be involved with is, I’d say just kind of, I love the herd system , and I think that’s really great, being with kids of all ages. But I think sports with Miege, cause you get really close with just really cool people.


Q:What has been the best moment this school year?

A:Oh, that one’s tough, I’d say that the first herd day we had was really a good time. Yeah, I’m hoping to have another one of those. And them beating Aquinas, of course.