Meet Miege: Junior PJ McCallop

Luke Crawford, Staff Writer

Q: Why did you choose to come to school at Miege?

A: I chose to come to school here because I was good at sports and my sister came here before me–she’s a senior–so my mom didn’t want to split us up.


Q: Do you remember your shadow day at all?

A: Yeah, I had a great shadow, I had Jordan Wolf, he’s a senior this year. And he showed me a good time. I thought the school was great and he was a good shadow.


Q: What’s your favorite class and why?

A: I would say weights. Not just because you don’t learn anything, because it’s fun and you actually get a good workout in. A lot of school weights programs have nothing but we actually get good workouts in here.


Q: How would you describe the Miege community? 

A: I would say the Miege community is pretty tight, everybody knows everybody, and they just love being with each other, and always have your back. Some things have happened over the past few years but everyone stayed pretty close and well-rounded.


Q: Is there a moment that you think sums up Miege?

A: I would say when McKenzie passed away, because everybody was just so close and everyone was so heartbroken and it stood out because everyone loves everybody and loves the community.


Q: What’s your favorite activity you’ve been involved with at Miege?

A: I would say the sports program. Football-wise Coach Holmes really brings everybody together, and makes sure he puts family first, same thing with track.


Q: What was the best moment for you this school year?

A: I would say beating Aquinas in football. I couldn’t even play but all my friends were so happy and I was just happy for them.