Meet Miege: Senior Yahir Martinez


Grace Alford

Senior Yahir Martinez

Grace Alford, Staff Writer

Q. Why did you choose to come to school here?
There was definitely a better education than a public school and for my area which was Wyandotte county.
Q. Was there a main deciding factor?
The sports here and also the people here.

Q. Do you have a favorite class and why do you like it?
I’d say my anatomy class just because it is super inclusive with everyone and it is very hands-on.
Q. Was there a day in that class that was exciting or stood out?
We dissected chicken wings last semester. It was late last semester so I think that day stood out to me the most.

Q. How would you describe the Miege community?
Very friendly and acceptive of pretty much whatever, I don’t think there’s anyone here that I really don’t like.

Q. What’s your favorite thing that you’ve been involved with at Miege?
I guess just the senior class in general and being a part of this. It’s just great with all the people here.

Q. What has been the best moment for this school year?
For this school year I’d say, probably the beginning of it and realizing that this is the only year I have left for high school