Meet Miege: Junior Alex Murphy


Will Baska

Junior Alex Murphy

Will Baska, Staff Writer


Q: Why did you come to school here?

A:I would say I just thought it was a better environment. I was from Rockhurst, and I am so glad I switched here.


Q: Was there a deciding factor that made you choose Miege over, say, Pembroke, Aquinas or public school?

A: I shadowed Miege and had a good time shadowing, and since I had a fun time there I thought it would be fun to go there and I shadowed there again, and I was right and made my final decision.


Q: Very nice. Well we are glad you chose the school. What’s your favorite class here and why do you like it?

A: Honestly physics, I think physics is my favorite class because I always liked when I was young to look at things and see how they work and now I get to really know how things work.


Q: Was there a day or any moment that really stood out in that physics class?

A: The time we watched “Interstellar”. It is my favorite movie and I was so excited.


Q: Very good, we love Interstellar. How would you describe the Miege community, and what’s a moment that you think sums it up?

A: I think Miege is very supportive, I have had coaches reach out to me, helping me out right now, so I think it is a very strong, helpful community.


Q: Is there a moment you think of that really sums up that community?

A: During a soccer game, with my coaches, I was feeling down about the game, I didn’t get the turnout I wanted but they told me keep my head up and just not to put my head down, and not to get lost, that tomorrow’s a new day, and to shine better on that day.


Q: What’s your favorite thing or activity you’ve been involved with at Miege and why?

A: Soccer


Q: Besides just playing the sport that you love, specifically what do you love about that activity?

A: Just messing around with my friends, playing my favorite sport of all time.


Q: What’s been the best moment this school year, besides me transferring of course.

A: When I first walked in here, there was a presentation and Mr. Creach was saying “We have lowered the amount of service hours required because of causing stress to students” and that really stood out to me, because at my old school they didn’t seem like they really cared about student well being, and that really stood out to me. That’s when I knew I made the right choice.