Meet Miege: Senior Caroline Brant


Norah Heise

Senior Caroline Brant

Norah Heise, Staff Writer

Q-Why did you choose to come to Miege?

A-I chose to come to Miege because my sister went here, and it’s a minute away from my house, and I went to school at St. Agnes, which was just right across the street, and it was just kind of set up for me.


Q-Did you shadow here?

A-I actually shadowed here my eighth grade year, and at my school we had it set up so there was an eighth grade day, and we were able to come over and check it out.


Q-What’s your favorite class?

A- Oh, my favorite class, I would have to say art class, with Mr. Long. I’m taking AP 2D(?) Design right now and I took Portfolio last year, which was really fun.


Q-How would you describe the Miege community?

A-The Miege community, probably that it’s just really big and super welcoming. No matter who you are or what you do, there’s always someone who relates to you or who you can find to be friends with. It’s not a matter of how quick or how fast you find those people, it can take a year, it can take four years, there’s always going to be someone there that you can find. 


Q-Do you do any extracurriculars, do you have a favorite activity at Miege?

A-The favorite extracurricular that I do is tennis. I used to play on the soccer team for about three years. I do Spanish club, I’m in the Mental Health Club, I’m a part of NHS, and I’m thinking about doing lacrosse, I’m not sure yet.


Q-Is there one that is your favorite of them all?

A-I think, I really like Spanish club, but when I joined tennis, I really liked it, a good way to stay active. It was a nice change from soccer, just because I liked how it was kind of a sport where you can just rely on athleticism. It’s not just super physical, you don’t have to be super big or super fast or anything. 


Q-What has been the best moment of the school year?

A-I feel like there hasn’t been a specific event for me, but there’s just a bit of small events that add together. Sometimes I just see things and I’m just like wow is this really happening right now. Pep assemblies, I really like those, and when Peter did the skits with Mr. Keister I really thought that was really good.