Self-Expressive Outlet: Freshman Grace Stella learns how to stand out in the crowd


Photo courtesy of Grace Stella

Freshman Grace Stella applies her makeup while looking in the mirror.

Grace Alford, Staff Writer

Standing out in the crowd is something freshman Grace Stella knows how to do best. 

While attending school, Stella has added more color to her uniform through her make-up and hair. Stella began wearing play makeup around 5 or 6, but began being more serious with it around ages 12 and 13.

When shopping for makeup, Stella finds herself the most at the Sephora on the Plaza and the Ulta at the Ward Parkway Mall. While shopping for the right products may be difficult, applying the makeup is a whole different area that Stella has mastered. 

“I can’t do things like dress up since I have to wear a uniform at school,” Stella said. “I can show people that I’m artistic in that way.”

Even when it comes down to inspiration, Stella knows exactly where to look. Stella will use social media apps such as Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Instagram. 

While applying makeup may feel natural for Stella, she said that she understands why it might not be for everyone.

“It’s a way for me to express myself, and it makes me feel good about myself,” Stella said. “I’ve always enjoyed making art so it’s just another outlet for that.”

While it all may seem like fun and games, Stella does believe that makeup has its downsides.

“The negatives are now I feel a little naked without it and sometimes it can be kind of hard to feel confident without it but I try my best,” Stella said.

Makeup is not the only area Stella has explored when it comes to self-expression, however. 

“If I’m feeling extra that day, or if I feel like I just want to feel good about myself, I’ll do something with my hair,” Stella said.

Stella said that one of her favorite hair styles was “half-up half-down pigtails.”

“I just feel like they’re really cute,” Stella said.

Stella has not let her hair expression just be limited to hair styles, though. Her most recent change has been dying her hair pink. 

“I’ve gotten some weird stares, but I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments and it makes me feel more like myself,” Stella said.

Stella said that her friends are her “biggest supporters.” They help drown out other people’s opinions.

“All my friends really like it,” Stella said. “They’re the ones that give me the support.” 

  Stella said she hopes to be a role model for those wanting to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

“I think everybody should try to experiment with makeup or their hair or whatever it is that you might like because it’s just fun,” Stella said.