Religious Realization: A trip to summer camp inspired one sophomore girl to dive deeper into her faith


Courtesy photo from Grace Keeney

Sophomore Grace Keeney went to summer camp to deepen relationship with God.

Addy Burris, Staff Writer

Like most students this time of year can be very stressful, but Gracie Keeney has found a way to get through it. 

 “I feel like I had a lot of stress happening too, and I feel like turning to God and giving him my problems and just trusting him with stuff like that,” Keeney said

This year has been tough for Keeney and her family. Keeney’s brother’s girlfriend and a close family friend were diagnosed with cancer, and she said it took an emotional toll on her.

“That was really a moment when I just turned and saw that God was there for me,” Keeney said.

This past summer Keeney went to Camp Mennoscah, which is in Murdock Kansas, and said that it was one of the best experiences of her life. 

“There’s no technology, and you just have to go to your cabin and you meet a ton of different girls,” Keeney said. “You take time every single day to be with Jesus to learn, and you have one-on-one teachings with kids your age. I think that it really helped me.” 

She said the camp, which is Mennonite, had some similarities to the popular Catholic summer camp at Prairie Star Ranch. 

“Everybody goes to Camp Tekakwitha it seems like, and it’s kind of like no one really knows about Camp Mennoscah,” Keeney said

As a Catholic, Keeney noticed some differences between Catholics and Mennonites. Mennonites do not do the Sign of the Cross, and they sing more but both religions use the Bible.

“It’s super welcoming, and they accept all religions and you don’t need to be Mennonite to go,” Keeney said.

Besides her relationship with God, Keeney said her personal relationships have also improved, including with her dad.

“I think my dad has helped my relationship with God because he has recently become a super devout Catholic, and I really like to look up to what he’s saying,” Keeney said. “When he’s talking about Jesus and his faith, I see how important it is to him.”

As she wraps up her sophomore year and prepares to start finals, she said she is feeling a bit nervous but giving all of her stress and anxiety to the Lord.  

“Jesus is king, Christ is almighty,” Keeney said.