Elayna Nolke: Travel on

Maria Nguyen, Staff Writer

Senior Elayna Nolke’s college plans are anything but typical. Not only is Nolke going out of the state, she is leaving the country to undertake somthing much bigger.
“Next March, I’m taking a gap year to go to Tanzania,” Nolke said. “I’m going with a lot of other people from all over who are also taking a gap year.”
The trip to the East African coastal country will be approximately three weeks long. During that time, Nolke and her group are set to work with younger children.
“We’re going to be helping provide meals and teach English to kindergarteners,” Nolke said. “I’m really excited about it.”
According to the World Bank, although Tanzania remains a lower-middle-income country, the national poverty rate is slowly declining. Nonetheless, help is still needed in areas of this country.
“I’m there to teach and make meals, but I’m also there to help them out of poverty,” Nolke said. “I want to use my advantages to help those who are disadvantaged.”
Nolke’s three-week long mission trip is not the end of her journey abroad. After leaving Tanzania, she is headed to Europe for college.
Next August, Nolke will attend the University of Oviedo in Asturias, Spain, where she will study international relations.
“I’m super excited to go to college in Spain,” Nolke said. “It’s really nice, and it’s cheaper than in-state colleges.”
With the next few years full of new experiences and traveling, Nolke looks forward to her future with enthusiasm.
“After college, I’m hoping to just live in Spain, which I’m really looking forward to,” Nolke said. “I feel like we are really sheltered here, so I’m excited to see new perspectives of the world.”