Darren Faulkner: Serving the Church

Alena Gillespie, Features Editor

Prayer is a main part of senior Darren Faulkner’s everyday life. Faulkner takes the time to pray when he wakes up, prior to meals and before he goes to sleep.
Faulkner has been helping his church since he was 7, but has become more involved since age 13.
For the past three years, Faulkner’s father has been a pastor at Temple of Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri.
According to Faulkner, his dad being a pastor initiated him to become baptized into the church in 2019.
“It has really brought me closer to my faith,” Faulkner said.
After Faulkner’s dad had troubles getting the sound booth to work for services, Faulkner decided to help.
“I just went back there and fiddled around with things, and it worked how he wanted it to,” Faulkner said.
Faulkner said that he helps his church by taking on the role of controlling the sound booth and microphones for Sunday services.
“I wake up pretty early to go to church and get everything ready,” Faulkner said.
Through Faulkner’s ministry at the church, his favorite part is knowing his positive impact on the church community.
“Just knowing that I’m not only helping [my father], but I’m also helping the church through it,” Faulkner said.