Guidance Through The Years: Seniors acknowledge mentors in their lives


Isabel Copeland, Editor-In-Chief

Coach Ernst

“Freshman year, Coach E. really got me out of my bubble to talk to other people in my class,” senior Valeria Rogers said. “She really helped me start my fitness journey. Every time I would go into her classroom, she would always check in and see if I’ve made any progress on my journey; that was really nice of her.”

Mr. Clark

“Mr. Clark is a really faith-filled guy,” senior William Anderson said. “He and I kind of have a similar mindset when it comes to problem-solving and stuff like that, so I can relate to him in a lot of areas, especially engineering and he’s always looked out for me.”

“Mr. Clark came to Miege the same year we did, freshman year,” senior Graham Spearman said. “It was nice because we all kind of got used to Miege together, and it kind of felt like we grew up together. With COVID-19 and everything, he put up with all our shenanigans and he still taught us well.”

Mrs. McEachen

“Mrs. McEachen has been there for me since my junior year,” senior Megan VanMeter said. “When I’m having problems, she’s really easy to talk to. She’s someone who just listens and puts her advice out there, but at the same time she doesn’t tell you what to do. She’s been so helpful to me through everything and always has time to talk and just never leaves you hanging.”