From Praying to Teaching: Former sister returns to the classroom


Photo Credit Addy Burris

Math teacher Kayla Moylan left the Little Sister of the Lamb and now works as a teacher at Bishop Miege.

Addy Burris, Staff Writer

One math teacher is unlike any other in the school. Kayla Moylan is new to the building this year, and said she could not be more excited about it.

“With Miege being a Catholic school, it made me excited because I’d never taught at a Catholic school before,” Moylan said

But Moylan is different from the other teachers in her department. 

She went to college and graduated with a teaching degree, but after several years of teaching , Moylan chose to start living with the Little Sisters of the Lamb in November of 2019.

“I decided to join the Little Sisters of the Lamb because I met them at a time in my life when I was really struggling, and I really enjoyed being around them”. Moylan said. “They had a lot of joy, and they lived a life that was very simple”.

Moylan said she has countless memories of living with the sisters, but one of her favorites revolved around the dinner table

“We started sharing artistic expressions at dinner, so there were sisters that liked to do jokes, Moylan said. “There were sisters that liked to write poems. I played the clarinet for a sister for her birthday. This was a really fun time.”

Moylan lived with the sisters for 18 months and realized that this was not the Lord’s calling for her, so she decided to leave.

“I realized that I was making myself do something that the Lord wasn’t making me do, so I talked to a sister and told her it was probably time for me to leave,” Moylan said 

After Moylan left the Little Sisters, she lived with a family in Atchison and somebody the family knew worked at Miege and convinced her to apply.

“I sent my resume, and then I talked to the principal really quickly and ended up getting a job here,” Moylan said

Moylan teaches Algebra II, Geometry, and Honors Geometry and said she has loved her experience at Miege thus far. 

“Being able to pray every day before my class starts is really important to me,” Moylan said. “I’ve really enjoyed being at Bishop Miege, and I hope that I get to stay here for a long time.”