Michelangelo Worthy: Teaching in style

Colin Batliner, Staff Writer

While wearing a tie patterned with cat skulls, senior Michelangelo Worthy walked the halls with one of his many ties that exude his personality.
After coming from a public school to Miege his junior year, he realized that it would be harder to show off his personality through his fashion.
“I saw that there was no regulation on the ties,” Worthy said. “The tie is one thing you could make your own as well as your shoes, so I started getting really into ties. I learned how to tie knots, intricate knots even and then wear fun print ties.”
Striving to be unique is something that Worthy said he strives to be because of the joy his outfits can bring to other people.
“I like seeing people smile and be happy,” Worthy said. “I want to bring happiness to others. I want to make other people laugh and just feel good, lift people up when they’re down.”
His goal to make others happy has lead Worthy to pursue a degree in education. Before this year he wanted to become a Computer Scientist, but he realized becoming an AP History teacher is what he really wanted to do.
“I realized engineering was not my thing,” Worthy said. “So I started thinking, ‘What are things I love?’ and I worked at Scout camp for two years, and loved it — it was one of the best experiences of my life. So I thought, ‘What if I went into teaching?’ and I went with it, did a ton of research on it, and just got really interested in it.”