Olivia Williams: Au Revoir, America

Kate Moores, Staff Writer

Whether alumni stay close to home or attend a school out-of-state, college can feel like a completely new world. However, senior Olivia Williams in particular is going far, far away: she will be going to school in a different country.
“In the fall, I will be attending Strasbourg University in France,” Williams said with a smile.
Between being fluent in French from her elementary school, Academie Lafayette, and the lower tuition rates, she said it was an easy choice in spite of the distance.
“Public universities in France are only about $3,000 a year for students from different countries,” Williams said. “I’ll get to have a really different college experience for cheaper than it is in America.”
In addition to affordability, Williams said she is looking forward to exploring France and beyond.
“I’m so excited to be able to travel throughout Europe because of how easy it is to go from country to country,” Williams said.
To fully take advantage of the culture in Europe, Williams decided to major in art history and archeology.
“I like art and history, and Europe is filled with amazing museums, so I think that I will enjoy it,” WIlliams said.
The distance from home is the best and worst part of going to Strasbourg University, according to Williams.
“Everyday things like walking my dog won’t happen anymore, and I’m going to miss that a lot,” Williams said.