Benjamin and Max: Familiar Faces

Julian Gallegos, Staff Writer

Senior Benjamin Eshelbrenner, walks the long hallways of the barren school in the early morning as he stops and sees a familiar face waiting for him in the classroom — his father.
Having a parent work at the same school as a child is not common; however, when this does occur, it gives the student a variety of negative and positive effects.
“I love having my dad here at Miege, because whenever I need help with a certain subject, I can just ask him who to talk to and go get help,” Eshelbrenner said.
Senior Max Wingate has also had a similar experience, because his mother, Hillary Wingate, is an English teacher at the school.
“I like having her close to me especially at school because I can just ask her questions whenever I want.” Wingate said. “She also pushes me around to do my best which I appreciate most times.”
Teaching at Miege all four years of their sons’ high-school careers, Mr. Eshelbrenner and Mrs. Wingate shared a great amount of time with their children.
“With all of this time spent in close proximity to him, there are definitely some things that are bad about having a parent at school,” Eshelbrenner said. “He sometimes tells the class stories about my personal life and picks on me, so that can be embarrassing.”
“She can be really hard sometimes, but I know it is for the best,” Wingate said.
Despite that, the boys firmly said that they prefer having their parent at school with them because the advantages heavily outweigh the disadvantages.
“Having him here is great,” Eshelbrenner said. “My friends love him because he always keeps snacks in his room.”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Wingate said.