Better Late Than Never: Late start days to improve community lifestyle


Will Baska

Junior Luke Crawford catches up on rest during class.

Will Baska, Staff Writer

It is a busy early morning in the halls, and the sounds of incessant yawning and complaints of fatigue fills the school. This is a simple reality for high school students, a reality pupils battle every day, sitting through class and returning home.  An easy solution to these problems is next year’s late start days. These days, in which a student receives an hour to sleep in, study or do really anything they desire, will benefit all parties involved.

Late start days will be entering the Bishop Miege community next year, where students and teachers alike will be given time to complete a variety of different activities.

A late start day will give a student an extra hour, or school period, to do whatever they see fit with their time. It will allow teachers to catch up on work, such as grading papers or talking to students. In a simple sense, a late-start day will suppress an issue ubiquitous in the education system today – stress. 

A late start day will improve the health of the student, the primary focus of education. A weekly late start day would give a student the opportunity to catch some extra shuteye, allowing kids to obtain the National Sleep Foundation recommended 8-10 hours of sleep, a number that is often unachievable for a teenager managing the stresses of homework and an occupation. 

A late start day will not only allow students to catch adequate Z’s, but help a pupil manage workload, contributing to lower mental health issues, such as anxiety or stress. With this extra hour, a student could catch up on some homework, work out, meet up with a teacher or accomplish some studying. 

Not only will this day assist the student, but teachers will also benefit greatly. As much as students might hate to admit it, teenagers can be a pain, and a late start day will allow teachers to obtain a greater ability to manage a day. Besides this, a teacher will also have time to catch up on grading and other school activities.

With the introduction of late start days, so will come the use of extra days to compensate for these late days. Despite this, the amount of days that will be added to school is infinitesimal in the grand scheme of the academic year, with the total amount of days being added coming out to six.

All in all, a weekly late start day will benefit the entirety of the Miege community. Whether it be for the student, teacher or administrator, a late start day will improve the lives of the community by reducing stress load and promoting a healthier lifestyle.