Rural Oasis: New energy drink shop sparks small town’s interest


Oasis Nutrition is located in De Soto, KS along Lexington Avenue. The energy drink and coffee shop opened in April of 2022. Photo by Gabby Anderson

Gabby Anderson, staff writer

An oasis is considered a peaceful place or time amidst a chaotic or hectic setting. Some people might consider a local park an oasis, or maybe just sitting on the couch after a long day. For those who might want to try a new retreat from a busy lifestyle, Oasis Nutrition in De Soto, Kansas is the perfect place to check out. 

As soon as I walked into the small shop, I was greeted by a smiling face from the owner. There were only a few people around as I had gone in about 30 minutes before they closed for the day, and I was immediately welcomed inside. As I looked at the menu to decide what I should try, I was almost overwhelmed with how many choices I had. 

The menu was extensive, including energizing teas, both hot and cold coffees, protein shakes and three different flavors of protein bites. I ordered a caramel iced coffee, and I was able to make small talk with the owner as he made my drink. 

Oasis Nutrition has been open for just over a month and has gained traction through social media, where they actively post customers enjoying their experience. Many of their customers are high school students, which is where I heard about Oasis first. 

They gained interest from their Instagram account, which is a warm invite to stop in to the store. They showcase the trendy decor of the shop, which includes both indoor and outdoor seating and their signature neon sign that says the shop name in bright red letters. They post regularly about special deals along with specialty drink flavors. 

The buzz they have created in the past month has gotten a lot of people talking in De Soto. I’ve heard many people, from students to parents, talk about how they are excited to stop in and try out what Oasis Nutrition has to offer. 

While inside, the decor of the shop makes it the perfect atmosphere to hang out and relax in, either by yourself or with a group of friends. There’s versatile seating that makes it easy to be together or to be on your own. The setup also makes it easy to get in and out if you just want to pick something up. 

The quality of the drink fully exceeded my expectations to say the least. I’m not a huge coffee person and definitely not an expert, but the caramel iced coffee I had was one of the best I have tried. Overall, I definitely recommend the drink.

Going there has made me want to return to try out more of their drinks and what else they have to offer. Oasis Nutrition will definitely be a summer hangout for me and my friends. Whether you go after a day in the sun, or just to get together one morning for coffee, Oasis Nutrition is the perfect new place to try out. From sugar free drinks to steaming hot coffee, there is something for everyone. As a bonus, by shopping at Oasis Nutrition, you are supporting a local business that is just starting up.