Goin’ to the Chapel: Juniors grow in faith through time of reflection


Sophia Gassett

Reading from the Bible, junior Theology teacher Patricia Arnold takes her students to the chapel for chapel time. Chapel time is when Arnold reads verses from the Bible and get time to reflect.

Jamie Weiss, Staff Writer

The Miege chapel falls silent as students take on a meditative state. Light shines through the bright and colorful stain glass wall as junior theology teacher Patricia Arnold begins to read a story about a religious character who overcomes a hardship with God.   

This is Arnold’s first year at Miege. She began teaching here because wanted a chance to educate high school students.

“I have enjoyed getting to know my students and I have enjoyed sharing my love for Jesus and the subjects of morality,” Arnold said. “When the position opened up for Junior Theology, I knew that I would be a great fit.”  

Junior Claudia Reel believes this chapel time is a good addition to the class. 

“It gives us some time outside of the class and in a different environment,” Reel said. “I feel it helps other people focus on what we are learning about.” 

Outside of class time, Arnold wants to get back into going to the chapel once a week for Adoration. While she is there, she takes the opportunity to relax and spend time with God.

“I like to take some deep breaths and let go of all the stresses in my life,” Arnold said. “Sometimes I like to do spiritual readings or read the Word of God so that I can put some good things in where I have tried to get the bad things out.”

During this quiet time, Reel enjoys being in the moment and taking a break from the other parts of her day.

“I really reflect on how my day has gone and what I can do better,” Reel said. “I can also think about what is going on in class.”

 According to Arnold, her favorite stories she has shared this year are about saints and their lives.

“I especially like the story of Saint Ignatious of Loyola and his story of getting shot by a cannonball,” Arnold said. “He was laid off and changed his mind from pursuing the love of a woman to pursuing God.”  

Arnold hopes this chapel time allows students to connect with Jesus. She encourages students to pray, spend time with God, or just take some time to relax.

“I want them to be in the presence of the Lord,” Arnold said. “I know that Jesus can change their lives even if they do not know it yet.”